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Radiator service Radiator service

Is your car overheating and you have no idea why? Come to Advanced Automotive Center at 7945 Mission Gorge Road #108 for a radiator and coolant system repair.


Our certified technicians will use state-of-the-art computer diagnostic equipment to find any problems with your radiator or coolant system. Trust in our bonded and insured company to come up with a solution quickly.

Reliable Radiator and Coolant System Repairs

Numerous Steps for Fixing An Overheating Vehicle

  • Complete coolant system inspection

  • Radiator service

  • Radiator cap replacement

  • Radiator and hose leak inspection

  • Thermostat replacement

  • Water pump leak inspection and replacement

  • Antifreeze flush and refill

Manufacturer Warranties Are Offered Here

Smog Check ASE Free Testing

There are numerous reasons why your radiator or coolant systems may malfunction. Our vehicle analysis is the best in the area. We can pinpoint the exact reason why your vehicle may be overheating. These are just a few of the possible reasons:

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